World should not bow before Israeli colonial ambitions: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman OMA Salam condemned Israeli move to annex parts of occupied West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli opposition outlined the plan to annex parts of Palestine. This is the latest dangerous Israeli move in the decades long colonial occupation of Palestinian territories.

After violating multiple international treaties and UN resolutions, Israel has expressed its lack of commitment to peace and negotiations. This mockery of international law was emboldened by unconditional US support and inability of world countries and international bodies to bring Israeli leadership and military to account for their repeated violations. To this moment Israel hasn’t stopped its illegal settlement in West Bank and inhuman blockade on Gaza Strip.

The latest move is not only a violation of international law but it is going to send the region to a prolonged instability and insecurity.

UN and the world must use every means at their disposal to stop Israeli colonial ambition.