Popular Front condemns criminal charges framed against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan by Delhi Police

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has in a statement strongly condemned the sedition and other fabricated criminal charges framed against the well-known Islamic scholar, journalist and Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan by the Delhi Police.

A tweet by Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan was taken out of context, distorted and added inflammatory content to it by some miscreants. This was followed by a vicious campaign against him by a section of media and social media handlers. Now it is reported that the Delhi Police Special Cell has booked Dr. Khan for sedition (sec 124A) and creating communal divisions (sec 153A). This is indicative of the very low level of individual targetting and character assassination ongoing in our country under the patronage of BJP government. Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan who is a blotless personality and a strong advocate of human rights and minority rights has been doing an exemplary job as the chairman of Delhi Minority Commission. The Delhi Police was made answerable on account of many complaints received by the Commission. Due to this reason, the communal divisive elements in government and police found him a threat to their abuses of power and hence the vilification campaign against him. This malicious campaign by Hindutva camps and misconduct of Delhi Police under Central Government against the head of a statutory minority panel will further worsen the already damaged overseas image of India.

Popular Front has called upon the Central Government and Delhi police to stop the witch-hunt and withdraw the baseless criminal charges against Dr. Khan. O M A Salam expressed solidarity with Dr. Khan and ensured our support through all legal and democratic means.

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