20 lakh crore package fails to address the real problems of the people: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has stated that Prime Minister’s 20 lakh crore stimulus package failed to address the real issues facing the country on the ground.

This is a stimulus only for crony capitalists and big businesses. Crony capitalists have been provided with unlimited access to country’s wealth and resources. Under the disguise of the lockdown package, government is implementing another hidden agenda of privatization to benefit BJPs favourite corporate houses.

The breakup analysis of the package by various economists has exposed that the government tried to deceive the country by including previous schemes and announcements as a new package. The nation’s labour force who were thrown to hunger and despair overnight by the lockdown were looking up for genuine government intervention to overcome the situation but what they receive is another package of hollow promises. Unfortunately, the highly published 20 lakh crore stimulus package brought them nothing but disappointment. There is little in the package that has any direct benefits to them to overcome the starvation and unemployment. They are being turned into refugees. The loan schemes for small scale industries and enterprises are intended not to help them but to send them to deeper pits of debts. What we are witnessing is betrayal of people through exploitation of their helplessness in the face of disaster.
In a nutshell the Prime Minister’s package is not meant for the revival and survival of the people of India but it is a crony-capitalist package aiming to benefit only a selected few.