Mathura Shahi Idgah: Popular Front calls the litigation a challenge to minorities, District Court decision unjust and encouragement for unfounded claims

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has questioned Mathura district court decision to accept the plea seeking the removal of Shahi Idgah.

The litigation is communally motivated and part of the declared Sangh Parivar agenda against Muslim places of worship. Sangh Parivar possesses a long list of Mosques they want to demolish. Right after they succeeded in Babri Masjid, they had initiated an attack against Mathura Idgah with a litigation, but failed in the lower court. The lower court decision was in the interest of justice and in line with existing laws. Section 4 of the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 prohibits conversion of any places of worship existed prior to 1947 and orders to maintain their religious character as such. Accordingly, Supreme Court judgment in Babri Masjid case cannot be used as basis for other claims and case after 1947. The Mathura district court decision to accept the plea is, therefore, wrong and unjust. It will have far-reaching consequences on communal harmony and disturb peaceful coexistence between religious communities for more decades to come. That is what happened in Babri Masjid issue. The Babri case history should not be allowed to repeat. On the one hand the decision will encourage communal fascist forces to come up with similar claims on any minority places of worship. On the other it will ruin people’s trust in judicial independence.

O M A Salam called upon all Indian citizens who wish a peaceful future for the country to oppose the claims of the Mathura litigants and the approach of the District Court in the Idgah Masjid matter.