Massive conferences in Tamil Nadu wow to defy repressive moves against Popular Front

As the reports of Narendra Modi led Central Government’s moves to impose ban on Popular Front of India keep coming out, the Tamil Nadu state committee of the neo social movement organized two grand conferences in the state. The massively attended conferences held consecutively on 7th and 8th of October in Madurai and Chennai respectively under the title ‘Urimai Mulakka Manadu’ with the slogan ‘we also have something to say’ wowed to defy any repressive moves against the organization and made it clear that the organization would not compromise its ideals under any circumstances. Scholars, activists, political leaders and community leaders addressed the programmes which were attended by tens of thousands of people, including women and children drawn from all parts of the state.


The Grand conference in Chennai was held at YMCA Ground, Royapettah, Chennai on 8th October 2017. The ground was full with tens of thousands of people well before the commencement of the programme and many thousands had to stand outside the ground.

M. Mohamed Shaik Ansari, Vice President of Popular Front, welcomed the gathering and M. Mohamed Ismail, President of Popular Front, presided over the conference.

E. Abubacker, Chairman of Popular Front of India inaugurated the programme. He stated that Popular Front motivates Muslims as well as other backward sections to achieve social and economic empowerment by their own efforts.

“Popular Front is against the fascist politics of RSS and BJP that doesn’t have any space for minorities and other marginalized sections of the country. Popular Front resist have been resisting ant-people policies of Sangh Pariwar and will continue to do so against all odds”

In his presidential address, M. Mohamed Ismail compared RSS with Islamic States. “Both ISIS and RSS are two sides of the same coin. They hate democracy and promote terrorism. Modi undermines democracy and acts as an authoritarian monarch without any regard for the atrocious impacts as become clear from the steps like demonetization and implementation of GST which destroyed the livelihood of millions of poor people. Popular Front exposes such anti-people policies and it is for this reason that they target Popular Front.

Addressing the gathering, Thol. Thirumavalavan, President of Dalit Panthers Party said that it is this fight of Popular Front against the injustices in the society that makes the movement scary for the ilk of RSS and BJP, despite of the fact that Popular Front does have any political power in its hands. He also demanded that the National Investigation Agency(NIA) which has become puppet in the hands of rulers should be dissolved with immediate effect. He called for the unity of Dalit and Muslim community to save the country from the communal forces.

In his speech, the leader of Tamilaga Valvurimai Katchi Mr. Velmurugan recalled the tireless relief and rescue services by the cadres of Popular Front in the recent Chennai floods and other calamities in the state. Also, he condemned the mob lynching of innocence citizens by the hindutva goons in the name of cow protection.

Thehlan Baqavi, State President of SDPI stated that Popular Front is where it is today as a result of hard work and struggle carried out by its cadres in past twenty five years. This organisation have successfully come across various obstacles in the past. Each and every citizen of this country has equal right to live. Today, Modi is using the agencies like NIA to target the movements they dislike. It is completely against federal rights of the state and therefore the NIA should be dissolved immediately.

Mohamed Ali Jinnah, General Secretary of Popular Front of India said that Popular Front aims at an India of equal rights for all its citizens. “We will fight for using every democratic way available to us. We will never compromise it in any way to the anti-people forces like fascism”.

“Popular Front is a patriotic movement which conducts parade on the day of independence with the national flag in its hand. Starting from ‘School Chalo’ to the relief and rescue operations of the popular front in during calamities, Popular Front contributes immensely to the country in terms of social empowerment. We invite all the citizens with sense of justice to be part of this movement.”

Thirumurugan Gandhi, Convener of May 17 Movement in his speech highlighted the support of the fascist forces to the genocides of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. He insisted that it’s time that we all unite to defeat the Hindutva fascists.

Mr. Abirudin Manbayi, President of All India Imam Council said that the Hindutva forces are trying to enslave the Muslims, Dalits and other marginalized sections of the society. It is clear in history that such oppressors have been defeated by people’s movements. Popular Front is such a movement which has instilled a sense of dignity in the minds of people.

Others dignitaries who addressed the programme include A. S. ismail, National Executive Council member, Popular Front, A. Kalith Mohamed, State General Secretary of Popular Front S. N. Sikkander, State President of Welfare Party of India, S. M. Bakkar, President of Indian Thowheed Jamath, M. Mohamed Shakif, Karnataka State President of Popular Front, Adv Bavani Pa. Mohan, State President of National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations, A. K. Mohamed Hanifa, Convener of Confederation of Islamic movements, Tamilnadu, S.S Haroon Raseed, State Treasurer of Manithaneya Jananaayaka Katchi, and S. Najma Begum State President of Women India Movement. A. Mohideen, State Secretary, Popular Front thanked the gathering.


The Grand conference at Madurai held at Maruthanayagam Ground, on 7th October 2017. A. Kalith Mohamed, State General Secretary, Popular Front, welcomed the gathering and M. Mohamed Ismail, President of Popular Front, presided over the conference.

A. Saeed, National President of SDPI inaugurated the meeting. He said that Modi come to power with a promise that he brings in development, act against corruption and black money but today no growth to be seen. The economy is crashing. BJP leaders themselves are being accused of corruption and economic scams like black money, the evil they claimed to be fighting.

“With their false allegations against Popular Front of India and SDPI, they want to frighten us, but we have already declared freedom from fear.

A. Fatima Alima, Vice President, National Women’s Front stated in her speech that fascist are the cancer for this nation and Popular Front is the cure for the same.

S.P Udayakumar, Leader of the political party Pachai Tamilagam said that those who alleges against Popular Front are those who killed Junaid. He also mentioned the peerless services of the leaders of Popular Front towards a just society.

U. Thaniarasu MA MLA and Founder President of Tamilnadu Kongu Youth Federation condemns the hate instilled in the society by the BJP and RSS against Muslims. Popular Front is the force to fight against all the false allegations spread by the real fascist of the country. Representing one of the largest agricultural community of the state, he said that beef ban affects the economy of farmers and declares that he will in forefront in resisting such anti-people announcements.

Mr. Gunasekaran of the Communist Party of India said that the ruling BJP is trying to be in power by communally polarized the nation and praises the activities of Popular Front to resist such polarization.

Other dignitaries who addressed the conference include M. Mohamed Ali Jinnah, National General Secretary of Popular Front of India. K.K.S.M. Dehlan Baqavi, State President of SDPI, P. Sethuraman, National Committee Member of Communist Party of India, Kolathur Mani, President of Dravida Viduthalai Kalagam, K.M. Shareef, President of Tamilaga Makkal Jananaayaga Katchi, Moulavi M.S. Samsul Iqbal Dawoodi, State General Secretary of All India Imam Council. A. Ahamed Navavi, State Secretary, Popular Front of India thanked the gathering.

The following resolutions were passed in the conferences

Resolution 1: All secular minded anti-fascist collectives and organizations may unite and act firmly to save the society from the evil forces of fascism.

Resolution 2: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) should be dissolved in view of its right leaning tendencies.

Resolution 3: Demand speedy trial of the Madurai fake bomb blasts case and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Resolution 4: The federal character of the republic is under threat from the autocratic tendencies of Modi Government. It should be honored and safeguarded.

Resolution 5: Release the prisoners who have spent 10 years in jail. The release should be implemented without any discrimination.

Resolution 6: Solidarity with Rohingya refugees on humanitarian grounds.

Resolution 7: Abolish NEET exam and make education the responsibility of the states.

Resolution 8: Abolish black laws including UAPA which violate human rights and are used discriminately against certain sections of the Indian population.

Resolution 9: Strongly condemns the target killings of senior journalists and activists including the recent murder of Gauri Lankesh by right wing forces.

Resolution 10: Wakf Boards should be revived to serve its cause of protecting and utilizing its properties donated by benevolent Muslims to the Muslim community.

Resolution 11: Reservation for Muslims should be increased to 7% from the current 3.5% to achieve the gaol of adequate representation.

Resolution 12: Urgent solution to the plight of Tamil Nadu farmers.

Resolution 13: This conference demands a stop to the false and baseless and divisive propaganda of Love Jihad.

Resolution 14: This conference seeks to preserve the nation’s great educational institutions from the interventions of Sangh Pariwar which communalise education system and limit academic freedom to favour their divisive xenophobic ideology.