Allegations of links to Delhi violence baseless: Popular Front

Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed has rejected reports appeared in a section of media linking the organization with Delhi violence. As per reports, Delhi police has arrested a man allegedly linked to Popular Front for conspiracy to incite the communal riots in North East Delhi. Popular Front rejects the allegation as baseless propaganda and would like to make it clear that the organization is unnecessarily dragged to the incidents in Delhi. Delhi police is using the same tactic that has been tried and failed by police in Sangh Parivar ruled states like Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. After brutal police oppression of Anti-CAA agitations in the above states, police arrested innocent members of the organization. But they failed to prove their accusations in the court of law and our members walked free. It seems that Delhi Police, after their massive failure to prevent large scale violence against Muslim community in the capital city by Sangh Parivar and bring the cuprites to justice, are in search for a scapegoat to put all the blame and wash their hands off. While Hindutva leaders who incited violence roam free enjoying Y category protection, Delhi police are busy making arbitrary arrests and hunting after innocents. Anis Ahmed stated that people would not be misled by such propaganda and Popular Front would not be stopped from exercising its role because of such repressive measures.