Defeat fascist forces in Assembly elections to preserve India a secular democratic nation: Popular Front

In a resolution passed in its National Executive Council Meeting, the Popular Front of India called on all secular parties and sections of India to work together in the upcoming state Assembly elections in various states to keep fascist force out of power.
West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Puducherry are to face Assembly elections between March 27 and April 29. The elections come when the nation is at a critical juncture. It is an opportunity for the people and parties in the concerned states to do their part in saving the secular democratic character of the nation. BJP governments at the centre and in many states have succeeded in destroying the country’s economy and divided people along religious lines. Blinded by religious hatred, people fail to see and respond to vital issues around them like price hikes, unemployment, poverty, and draconian legislations that are day by day harming the citizens. The use of brutal force to crush democratic agitations first the citizenship agitation and then the farmer protest is a clear warning that this government will go to any extent to silence people. Now they are targeting individuals and organizations supporting people’s democratic rights that oppose the government. Students, journalists, and activists are being hunted and imprisoned like criminals. This is a serious situation that demands action from every conscientious and responsible citizen and group in the country. It is not through majority votes that BJP gained power in many states. It is the disunity among secular parties and unholy alliances many parties have forged with BJP that helped them come to power in various states. Also, secular parties cannot defeat BJP politics by resorting to soft Hindutva majoritarian politics by adopting the same divisive language of BJP. Such experiments with soft Hindutva in the past have proven to be suicidal. Real opposition to BJP should be by resisting their politics of hate and religious polarization.
Popular Front appealed to all people, parties, and sections in these states to work together and give BJP and allied parties a clear warning through the results.