Popular Front condemns the brutal attack at Sikh place of worship in Kabul

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, condemned the brutal terrorist attack on a Sikh place of worship in Afghanistan.

“It is with deep sadness that we hear the news of the slaughter of nearly 25 innocent worshippers at Sikh gurudwara by gunmen and suicide bombers in the capital city of Afghanistan”, O M A Salam said. Islamic State has reportedly taken the responsibility. By this devilish act, the attackers have proved that they don’t share any ethical values known to humanity. They have chosen divisiveness at a time when the world at large and Afghanistan in particular are in desperate need for tolerance and harmony to move forward. There is no justification to target minorities and civilians in the country’s factional wars. It is the inviolable rule and fundamental duty of the government and majority community in a civilised society to ensure the security of the minorities there. O M A Salam has demanded the authorities and the civil society in Afghanistan to bring the culprits to justice. He expressed solidarity with the Sikh community and families of the victims of this tragic violence.