Together We Shall Overcome – Message from Chairman, Popular Front of India*

As you all are aware, most of the states have announced restrictions on social movements, transport and commercial activities. The instructions given by the health authorities are very important to protect our country from the Corona pandemic. It is indeed our personal and social responsibility to follow the corona related instructions.

As most of the people are at home, please use your free time for self development. Spend more time in reading and acquiring knowledge. This is also an opportunity for us to take care of our spiritual development.

The local leaders of the organization should also be ready for relief activities if the situation demands. I have already seen Popular Front cadres distributing food kits to poor families as they are the most affected due to restrictions. The daily wage workers will have problem if the lockdown continues for more days. We need to be very vigilant that no families in our neibhourhood suffer due to shortage of food and other necessities.

Also the medical relief work area demands our attention and it requires proper knowledge. Hence I urge the local leaders to contact their immediate health authorities and get required information which can be passed to our members so that our relief work is efficiently done.

As cadres of a social movement you all are trained for self discipline. Such situations require us to show our discipline in personal and social life. Insha Allah, our country and the world shall overcome this challenge. Let us be optimistic, disciplined, cautious and caring each other.

In Solidarity,
O M A Salam
Chairman, Popular Front of India