“Chairman’s message” – Immediate precautionary steps to be taken due to Corona virus

As we all know that the global scenario has changed with the outbreak of Corona virus. The number of deaths has today cross a staggering figure of 10,000. Most affected countries like Italy and China offer us clear measures of how this pandemic should be contained in our country. Experts also predict that if such an outbreak happens in India the outcome could be disastrous. Authorities have stated that at present our country is going through phase 3 of this pandemic.
It is thus decided that Popular Front of India will suspend all its meetings scheduled up to 31st March 2020. Our members are directed to not conduct any meetings during this precautionary period, postpone all our public programs and avoid travel to ensure that we can curtail the spread of this infection during the critical stage which our country is passing.
There have been appeals by the health authorities clearly listing out the do’s and don’ts during this phase and we should completely adhere to these precautionary steps.
It is indeed a good step by our state leadership who have conducted COVID-19 workshops for our rescue and relief volunteers and general public in the last 2 weeks. I would instruct all Popular Front leaders and cadres to be ready to provide relief services when the need arises.
As a country we know that we can and we have tided over many catastrophes in the past and I reassure the people of the country that Popular Front shall stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation to face this challenge.
Stay safe and keep our surroundings safe.