Delhi Police prevents Popular Front Press Meet

Delhi Police prevents Popular Front Press Meet

New Delhi: Another act of suppressing democratic rights and show of arrogance towards Muslim minority, Delhi Police today prevented the Press Meet called by Popular Front of India. The meet was scheduled at 3 pm at N D Tewari Bhavan and the leaders were on the way to the venue. Then the management informed that booking was cancelled as directed by police. Subsequently the gate of the venue was locked preventing entry of media persons and the organisation leaders. Popular Front North Zone President A S Ismail and Secretary Anis Ansari strongly condemned this unlawful police act and warned that Popular movements and their fight against communal fascist forces could not be stopped through such brutal misuse of power.

The statement intended for todays the Press Meet is attached here with for circulation.

Secretary, Public Relations
Popular Front of India

Joint Statement
New Delhi, 13 March 2020


As per reports from the ground, more than 2600 people have been either detained or arrested alleging involvement in the North East Delhi riots, most of such persons hailing from Muslim community. The details of 53 people killed during the riots were officially made available, large majority of them also belong to Muslim community. It is estimated that properties worth almost Rs. 25, 00crores had been destroyed. At least 19 mosques and 4 Madrasas were found either damaged or desecrated. Majority of houses and shops looted and destroyed were also owned by Muslims. The Muslim populationdriven away during riots from places like Shiv Vihar are still not allowed to occupy their damaged dwellings.
All these happened not only due to inaction of Delhi police which is directly controlled by the Union Home Ministry, but under their initiation and involvement as proved by many video clippings. There are videos which vividly show the Policemen breaking CCTV cameras so that the faces and acts of the arsonists and rioters may not be captured, abusing seriously injured people and asking them to sing the national anthem and taunting them for raising ‘Azadi’ slogans during the anti-CAA protests, helping the rioters in picking stones and bricks, throwing stones with the rioters etc.
It is reported that nearly 21000 distress calls were received in the Police Control Room between 22to 29 February, out of which 1300 riots-related calls were received only on 24th and 25th. But most of them did not get any positive response. The Police had been so negligent in its duties that even the Supreme Court had to observe that had the Police acted the way law required them to act and stopped people from inflammatory remarks, the spiral of violence could have been averted and lives saved. But unfortunately, in order to please its political masters and the local communal goons, Delhi police did not act in the way it was required by the law. The police facilitated the violence by the omission of their duties, by colluding with Sangh Parivar instigated unruly mobs, and sometimes participation in assaults, murder, arson and destruction against innocent and helpless Muslims. The cries of the victims were mostly ignored by them.
In an attempt to cover up facts that are open before the nation and even the international community, the Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP MPs had claimed in Parliament that the riots got controlled within 36 hours as if that duration appears to be normal. The fact is that the rampage continued for more than 70 hours in the full glare of the print media and news channels in national capital which has a strong Police force of more than 87000 apart from the reserve of many companies of para-military forces. If such dereliction had happened in any other democratic country, the Home Minister should have resigned and the police ranks involved should have dismissed.
But in India that is being transformed as a majoritarian communal fascist state, the real perpetuators of violence are elevated as great patriots, the visible RSS-BJP culprits and their motivator leaders are let free whereas the minority community victims, their leaders and collectives are mercilessly thrown from frying pan to melting pot. Following the path of BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh; the Delhi Police under Central Government continues the witch hunt of activists and groups that are in forefront of CAA-NPR-NRC agitations and in support of innocent victims during and after the riots. Day by day the Delhi police is adding to the list of people bearing Muslim names and backgrounds arrested for alleged involvement in riots.
Popular Front Delhi State president Pervez Ahmed and State secretary Mohammed Ilias were arrested when they went to police station to inform about the protest march organised against the police atrocities. Earlier PFI member Danish Khan was also arrested. PFI State office secretary Muqeet was also taken in custody. The Central Government continues the misuse of agencies like NIA and ED for political vindication after the Delhi riots also. A case against Hussain has been filed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Similar charges have been filed against the Popular Front, which is already facing a separate ED investigation. It is also learned that human rights groups like United Against Hate are also in the hit list prepared by the government. In fact, the target is not merely a particular individual or organisation, but all voices and endeavors opposed to RSS-BJP agenda of CAA-NPR-NRC and their role in Delhi Pogrom. Their aim is to tame any voice of dissent and prevent any minority group from serving their community not only in their fight for democratic rights but even in their relief and rehabilitation efforts.
Hence we request all citizens and groups to raise their voice against these open violations of democratic values and laws of the land and strengthen our joint resistance against the RSS-BJP politics of communal fascism.
The Press meet was also addressed by
1. AS Ismail, (NEC Member, Popular Front of India)
2. Dr. Tasleem Rahmani ( National Secretary, SDPI)
3. Bhai Tej Singh (National President, Ambedkar Samaj Party)