Lokayuktha’s resignation: Popular Front urges to dismiss the corrupt state government

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
The resignation of Lokayukth Justice N.Santhosh Hege in disgust against corrupt ruling of the state BJP government holds a reflection of state governments corruption and failure in all aspects.

The state government in Karnataka is controlled by the illegal mining mafias and Keshava krapa – the headquarter of RSS as well as Matadeeshas. Justice N.Santhosh Hegde is an efficient, honest and strict Lokayuktha and his resignation is not a surprise as the cabinet ministry of the state government is full of corrupted ministers who does not give any value for such Lokayuktha. If the higher officers like Lokayuktha has been disgusted by the corruption and immorality of the state government then what will be the fate of a common man.

Withdrawal of the cases of Sangh Parivar criminals who instigated and created communal violence, shootout on farmers, widespread corruption, negligence on flood victims, illegal mining, accumulation of illegal wealth, curbing the power of Lokayuktha, sex scandals etc are the achievements of the Karnataka state government.

Popular Front of India urges the Central Government to take suitable steps to dismiss the state government which is anti democracy and very corrupt ever in the history of Karnataka and reinstate the pro- people government in the state.

Afsar Pasha,

General Secretary,

Popular Front of India, Karnataka

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