Kerala Police’s one-sided actions will lead to lawlessness: Popular Front

Press Meet | 26 May 2022 |Kozhikode

Kerala Police’s one-sided actions will lead to lawlessness: Popular Front

Popular Front Kerala State President, C P Muhammed Basheer, has in a statement condemned the abuse of power by the Kerala Police in arresting its Alappuzha district President Navas Vandanam. The arrest of the district leader under non-bailable sections and over the charges of organising a conference under the theme, “Save the Republic” is undemocratic, he noted.

The reason given for the arrest is the slogan raised by a child during the rally that was held as part of the Popular Front’s Grand People’s Conference at Alappuzha on 21st May 2022. The police action is biased and is equal to playing into the hands of the RSS bigots who want to portray that the slogans were raised not against them but religious communities. There is an increasing influence of RSS in the Kerala Police and these new developments underline this fact. The slogans raised by the child during the rally were precisely against RSS terror. The RSS and a few media sections were hell-bent on portraying these slogans as against religions and these have clear motives of polarising the state along communal lines.

The state has been for the last few years witnessing several incidents of incitements of violence and hate speeches against Muslims and the culprits are all walking free. Hindutva leaders and affiliates like K.P Sasikala, TG Mohandas, PC George, KR Indira, N Gopalakrishnan, and Joseph Kallarangatt had all time and again carried out hate speeches and incitements of violence against Muslims but the Kerala Police hasn’t acted promptly in any of these instances. The situation is as if they are given a free hand to carry out these hate speeches and campaigns targeting Muslims. The same Police that had turned a blind eye to all these hate crimes are now busy arresting innocents over an incident of a slogan raised by a child. Popular Front had in several instances since the incident clarified that the slogans raised by the child during the rally were not the official slogans provided by the organisation.

The four-day-long “Ananthapuri Hindu Maha Sammelan” held in Thiruvananthapuram too had seen several speakers openly spewing venom against the Muslim community and it was only after huge public pressure the Police registered a case for namesake against one of the attendees – PC George. The Police were not ready to register cases against the organisers of the event or take forward legal actions against any of the hate-spewing participants. The Kerala Police should be aware that this will result in losing their credibility as a law enforcement force. These kinds of one-sided actions will bring about an anarchic situation in the state. The Kerala Home Department should act to correct the erring officials and save the state from these dangerous trends. Popular Front will have to strengthen its protests if this deliberate witch-hunt targeting the Muslim community is not stopped. Navas Vandanam, Popular Front Alappuzha district President who is illegally detained should be released at the earliest, demanded Mr. C P Muhammed Basheer, as he concluded the statement.

Media Coordinator – Popular Front, Kerala.