Karnataka: Popular Front calls off its Independence Day celebration and condemns state government for denying permission

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
Bangalore: The state committee of Popular Front of India, Karnataka State, has decided to call off the annual Independence Day celebrations on 15th Aug 2012 scheduled at Bangalore and at Gulbarga, which also includes the Freedom Parade performed by the cadres of Popular Front of India. The reason for this is the denial of consent by the Karnataka State government.

Popular Front of India condemns the oppressive approach of the Karnataka State government who have misused the police administrative machinery to prevent a social organization from celebrating Independence Day which is in contrast to the democratic and constitutional values of our nation. Popular Front of India is involved in society building activities among the minority community to deliver them to a respectable social position. By denying us, Karnataka State Government has not only deprived a large section of society their constitutional right but also hurts the patriotic sentiments of the minority community also.

Popular Front of India will take this denial as a motivation to work more bellicosely for the empowerment of deprived section of society by encouraging their participation in all walks of life which will help us to remove the hindrance in near future.

Popular Front of India has instructed its members to hoist the national tricolor and celebrate the Independence Day at all our offices across Karnataka.

We wish all our fellow countrymen on the occasion of 66TH Independence Day.

Riyaz Pasha

General Secretary

Popular Front of India