Popular Front condemns illegal arrest of Mufti Muhammad Shehzad by UP Police

Popular Front of India North Zone President A.S.Ismail has condemned the illegal arrest of the organization’s UP state ad hoc committee member Mufti Muhammad Shehzad and demanded his immediate release.

UP Police have arrested Mohammad Shehzad from his home in Ghaziabad. According to his father Mohammad Omar, by 4:30 pm on the evening of June 5, 2020, about 30 to 40 policemen stormed to his house in Nekpur district of Ghaziabad and took him. Police refused to give any reason for the arrest, despite his family’s repeated questions. Nor have they informed the family to which police station they were taking him. It still remains unknown where he has been detained

Shehzad had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Allahabad High Court seeking court monitored judicial probe by a retired or sitting Supreme Court judge or High Court judge on the police violence in connection with the Anti–CAA protest in the state. It came up for hearing on 17 January and notice was issued to the State government. Ever since then police have been harassing him and his family. Police has continuously threatened him and his family to withdraw his PIL but they never succumbed to the pressure. His family has also sent complaints about the Police harassments to SSP, DGP, Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and NHRC.

There is nothing against Shehzad that can justify this illegal torture. This is a text book case of UP police’s way of harassing and intimidating innocent people who voice for civil rights and justice. Yogi Adithyanath has subverted all democratic and constitutional principles and turned the state into a police fascist Raj.

Such harassment and abuse of power cannot stop Popular Front. We will fight this injustice through legal and democratic means. We call upon citizens belonging to all sections to voice against police fascist Raj in Uttar Pradesh.