Delhi Police not neutral, facts prove their partiality: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has rejected Delhi Police claims of impartiality about its investigation into North East Delhi riots.

Pointing to the number of cases and charge sheets filed, Delhi police claims that its investigation is professional and without communal bias. But these claims are far from truth. In fact these breakup numbers of cases against Muslim and Hindus speaks little of the reality. The Police targeted Muslim individuals and activists including women who don’t even have distant connection with the incidents and they were charged under draconian acts like UAPA and sedition.

Meanwhile rioters from Hindu side had minor charges in which they either got station bail or released within a few days. In order to get the true picture, Delhi police has to reveal community wise data of the charges and sections imposed on each accused, number of people arrested, number of people still serving in prison and those who got bail. Delhi police should also publicise all names that appear in FIRs along with their party/organisation affiliation and leadership position. Our civil society have the right to know the case status of known RSS- BJP leaders and cadres who openly played lead role in attacking innocent Muslims, their dwellings, shops and mosques. In fact, Delhi police proved its communal and political bias by targeting student activists, leaders and groups which were actively involved in anti-CAA protests in Delhi.

O M A Salam stated that while facts speak as above, the police claim about it neutrality and professionalism is really laughable. He demanded the Delhi police that for their words to be taken seriously, they have to immediately set their records straight before the nation.