Police charge sheet on North East Delhi violence yet another move to protect real culprits

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in response to the charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police regarding North East Delhi Anti-Muslim Pogrom, termed it yet another attempt by the Central Government to protect the real culprits belonging to Sangh Parivar. It is a well known fact that the violence targetting lives and properties of Muslims was planned and executed by the RSS-BJP leaders. The Delhi police SIT has avoided booking even BJP leaders like Kapil Mishra who openly instigated violence, there by behaving blind to undeniable evidences. Police is not bothered about investigating about the hidden and open Hindutva individuals and groups linked to RSS and BJP in the locality and even from remote areas. The sources of evidence like CCTV footage, video clippings, phone call records etc indicating their involvement are not being followed by Delhi Police under Central Government. This proves that the entire cover up process is being done in a planned manner.

On the role of Delhi Police, O M A Salam stated: “The Delhi Police has already lost its credibility in the way it handled the anti-CAA protest and Delhi pogrom. The police have been completely biased and always tried to find a scapegoat to protect the real culprits of the Sangh Parivar.” The Covid19 lockdown situation was misused by the BJP government to target Muslim community organisations and activist groups and their leaders. By violating the powers vested upon them, the Police is trying to suppress voices of dissent by invoking draconian laws like UAPA and Sedition act. Through the charge sheet which pin points on their alleged meetings and phone calls is an attempt by the Government and Police to gain legitimacy for false cases in the trial court.

O M A Salam has strongly condemned this politically and communally biased attitude of the Delhi Police. He demanded setting up of an independent enquiry commission under a sitting Supreme Court judge to investigate the Delhi violence. He also urged the civil society to condemn this misuse of powers and unite to defeat the nefarious plans of the BJP regime to suppress voices democratic dissent.