Popular uprising in U.S.A a ray of hope for the oppressed across the world: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in his statement, has stated that ongoing popular uprising against institutionalised racism in American is a ray of hope for all oppressed people in the world.

The killing of George Floyd, an African-American man by police has shaken U.S.A. It was not an isolated case of police brutality and mere punitive action against those responsible not going to end the severe ailments in American criminal justice system. According to the statistics, Black Americans are killed by police at a disproportionate rate and African American adults are nearly six times as likely to be imprisoned or jailed than white adults. This is purely institutionalized racism. The brutal manner in which Floyd was killed shows the kind of treatment received by minorities at the hands of law enforcers in the country while American leaders are busy exporting their model of democracy to other parts of the world.

In many respects, Afro-Americans share the fate as that of India minorities and subaltern sections. Both are persecuted, discriminated and alienated by the privileged sections who control power and wealth in both countries. Muslims and Dalits in India constitute majority of people killed in police encouters and incarcerated in prisons charged under draconian laws.

However it is highly hopeful that people in U.S.A are not ready to compromise with injustice and are determined to bringing the authorities to account. They are rising up against the oppression and systemic racism. Huge protests have begun in various parts of the US against police violence targeting African-Americans. All sections of people are joining and rallying behind these protest organized by movements like Black Lives Matter, to end racially motivated police violence on Black communities.
On behalf of Popular Front of India, Chairman O M A Salam expressed solidarity with these democratic uprising. O M A Salam cautioned that this unity and resilience shown by people on the streets of U.S.A is a warning not only to American Government but to all oppressive systems in the world that injustice will not last long.