Prasar Bharati move against PTI another attempt to stifle press freedom: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, called Prasar Bharati move against PTI another attempt to stifle press freedom in the country

India’s largest press agency Press Trust of India has been threatened by the nation’s “autonomous” public broadcaster, Prasar Bharati, for publishing an interview of Chinese Ambassador calling it detrimental to “national interest and undermining India’s territorial integrity.” A letter has been sent by Prasar Bharati threatening to withdraw its subscription to PTI.

Popular Front condemns this move. This is part of the vicious process to stifle press freedom that has been going on ever since Modi came to power. This government exhibits an intense urge to control mass media and create conformity in favour government, and to eliminate all voices of disagreement from the media. Independent agencies, media institutions and journalists who refused to obey were harassed and punished with denial of their constitutional rights. Many national and regional media institution were killed in this process. The situation is partly enabled by attitude of a section of media who maintains silence and even cooperates with the government betraying all journalistic ethics that was highly respected in the country. It is strange that while publishing the interview of Chinese ambassador goes against national interest receiving fund from Chinese companies for PM Cares does not.