Popular Front condemns Chinese aggression against India

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in his latest statement, has strongly condemned Chinese attack and killing of Indian soldiers on Indian soil in Ladakh.

It is deeply disturbing to each and every India citizen that China has been repeatedly violating Indian sovereignty and territorial integrity. As per reports, 20 soldiers from our side have sacrificed their lives and several soldiers have been injured. On behalf of Popular Front of India, he expressed deep condolences to the families of the departed soldiers.

Chinese actions bear no justification. The reason for escalation of tension on the border was recent capturing of 60 square kilometres of Indian territory by Chinese army. While there were plenty room for non-military options for resolving any dispute, China went for the worst provocation. It was while efforts for de-escalation were still ongoing that the attacks and killings at Galwan valley happened. The United Nations and the international community must wake up to the situation and bring China to answer in order to avoid further escalation of tension between two countries that have nuclear power at their disposal.

O M A Salam has pointed out that an all-out war would not be the ultimate means of solving dispute between neighbouring nations and hence efforts should be made to solve the issue through negotiations.But the Chinese aggression should not be allowed to continue. Meanwhile the Government of India have failed to address the situation timely and effectively to control the tensions at our borders and protect our boundaries with China. He stated that under these circumstances, the Central Government is bound to clear the anxieties in the minds of our citizens.