Popular Front vows to support victims of police atrocities and violations in Uttar Pradesh

A resolution passed by National Executive Council Meeting of Popular Front of India has stated that the organization would offer support to the victims of police atrocities and violations in Uttar Pradesh through legal and democratic means.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is implementing an autocratic style of governance in the state, where, right wing Hindutva fanatics and Gauraksha gangs enjoy free rein and impunity to lynch and torture Muslims and Dalits. Extrajudicial killings, unlawful arrests and harassment of innocents are alarmingly on the rise. Ever since the popular agitations against discriminatory CAA and NRC broke out in the state, a vicious vendetta has been launched by the state government against activists, student leaders and innocent people who participated in these protests. Situation after corona is being misused to arrest and torture leaders and activists. Popular Front state ad hoc committee member Mufti Muhammed Shahzad who was regularly harassed by the UP Police was arrested and kept behind bars for weeks. All he did was he had filed a Public Interest Litigation in the high court requesting to investigate the violence happened during the demonstrations against the CAA / NRC in Uttar Pradesh early this year. Ever since then police have been harassing him and his family. Sharjeel Usmani is the latest victim of such harassment. He was picked up from his house by five unidentified men claiming to be police. UP Police has not yet confirmed his arrest and his whereabouts are still unknown.

UP Police has also started attaching people’s properties in the name of the vandalism during the anti-CAA protests, despite High Court’s opinion against it. State cabinet cooks up draconian laws to support such tyrannical measures. Through such anti-democratic and violent measures, Yogi’s police seeks to eliminate even the last straw of opposition in the state. The opposition parties in the state have become inefficient and dysfunctional.

NEC of Popular Front is of the strong view that democratic voices should not be left to die in this cruel manner and that the situation demands emergence of new people’s politics that cannot be intimidated and silenced. Organization has decided to provide all kinds of legal and democratic support to the victims of state oppression in Uttar Pradesh.