Attachment of people’s properties by UP Police undemocratic, political vendetta against dissent: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, termed UP Police move to attach people’s properties part of the vicious vendetta launched by the state government against those who protested against CAA and NRC in the state.

It is reported that UP Police has started attaching people’s properties in the name of the vandalism during the anti-CAA protests, despite High Court’s opinion against it. This is part of the ongoing vendetta against political dissent in the state. Through such anti-democratic and violent measures, Yogi’s police seeks to eliminate even the last straw of opposition in the state. From the very beginning, Yogi government and police have dealt people who participated in the anti-CAA and NRC protest with extreme force and vengefulness, characteristic to autocratic regimes. There were clear evidence that UP joined hands with right-wing Hindu groups and carried out extrajudicial killings, torture and widespread vandalism against innocent people, mostly in Muslim localities and neighborhoods. Police who were supposed to protect people’s lives and properties were acting as mere goons. Yet there was no action against any officers or the righ-wing goons. We call upon the all democratic forces in the country to voice against the collapse of criminal justice system under Yogi.