Delhi Minorities Commission fact finding report exposes Hindutva groups role in North East Delhi riot: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in a statement, has said that the report of the fact finding of Delhi Minority Commission into the violence happened in North East Delhi showed that communal instigations provoked by Hindutva group the reason for violence and Delhi police implicated innocents to save Hindutva culprits.

The report prepared by the Committee after collecting evidence and interviewing the victims of violence is an important document. It proves that the claims of Delhi police and central government were false and their actions were highly discriminatory against Muslim victims. The protest that broke in Delhi after the passage of CAA had the participation of people from all walks of life and remained peaceful in Shaheen Bhagh and North East Delhi. As the findings of the team showed, in the wake of the Delhi assembly election campaign during December 2019 – February 2020, there were a number of speeches by BJP leaders openly inciting people for violence against anti-CAA protesters. This was followed by visible attempts by Sangh backed right-wing groups and supporters to intimidate and harm anti-CAA protesters in Delhi. There were even shootings in full public view. Delhi police were complete failure in preventing them. BJP leader Mr. Kapil Mishra made call for violence in the presence of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr.Ved Prakash Surya.

Findings also reinforce the suspicion that the violence was pre-planned. Large number of outsiders were involved along with the locals. The report documents 11 mosques, five madrasas, one shrine and one graveyard that were attacked and damaged in the violence. People interviewed by the Committee told that police were reluctant to intervene or help people even while the violence was happening in front of them. In many instances, police were complicit and they even encouraged the attackers. In some cases, victims themselves have been arrested just because they came forward to file cases against named individuals. The report rejects unfounded police accusations against Muslim organizations, leaders and individuals, including Popular Front, linking them with the violence.

Popular Front welcomes and supports the recommendations of the committee and urges central and state government, the judiciary in particular, to act on them in the interest of justice to the victims and preventing such violence in future.