The central government cannot deny the farmers their right to protest : Popular Front

New Delhi: The Chairman of Popular Front of India O.M.A. Salam has strongly condemns the central government for its anti-democratic attitude and use of force to evict peaceful protests. Every citizen in the country has their right to oppose government policies and come to streets against anti-people laws. Supreme Court itself has underlined the right of farmers to protest. The duty of Police is to provide protection to peaceful protesters. O M A Salam also expressed concern over the attacks on the farmers that are being carried by the right-wing goons.

The statement issued today said that the Sangh Parivar was creating violence to break the agitations by evicting the farmers from protest sites. Statements from ruling party circles and their media justifying Sangh Parivar attacks as natural local reactions are to be strongly condemned.

All efforts of the central government and Uttar Pradesh government at intimidating farmers and forcefully evicting the peaceful and democratic agitation have failed. In fact, it is having the opposite effect of what they expected. The protests seem to be spreading to different parts of Western UP. People in their thousands are preparing to join the protest. Now, in a desperate attempt to evacuate the farmers from peaceful Dharnas, police are allowing miscreants belonging to Sangh Parivar to create chaotic situation at the protest sites. It is to be remembered that the same tactic was used against the citizenship agitations in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Unnecessary provocations towards farmers by goons claiming to be locals at protest sites in Singhu, Sikri and Ghaziapur are part of this RSS-BJP plan to save their government. While the farmers were beaten up by the RSS goons, police and RAF personnel remained mute spectators.

The Chairman of Popular Front urged the civil society to stand with the farmers to protect the democratic culture of our country. This is a testing time for our democracy and the country needs to be steadfast to protect our democratic rights from the fascist onslaught.