Popular Front demands repeal of farm laws; expresses solidarity with farmers’ Tractor Rally

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement issued today, asked the central government to withdraw the draconian farm laws. He has also expressed solidarity to the Tractor Rally being taken out by the farmers on Republic Day.

Even after eleven rounds of talks, the central government has not been able to give anything worthwhile to the farmers who have been on the streets since months against the recently enacted agricultural laws. It gives the impression that there is no genuine intention on the part of the govt for a pro-farmer solution to the crisis. In the absence of any assurance of repealing the laws, the so-called talks can only be considered as a delaying tactic to break the agitations and subsequently enforce the laws. There are also vicious attempts to vilify the peaceful and democratic agitation and intimidate its leaders using central agencies and the Hindutva fanatics. However, all these tactics will not succeed in weakening the resilience and determination of the farmers. Support for the struggle is growing across the country day by day and it is creating a new history.

Popular Front expresses its solidarity and support for the farmers’ Tractor Rally on the Republic Day. We demand the central government to immediately withdraw the anti-farmer laws and open talks with farmers and other stakeholders regarding any future reforms.