Popular Front stands by farmers’ demands; appeals to revoke the farm laws

New Delhi: In a resolution passed in its National Executive Council [NEC] meeting, Popular Front of India has extended the support of the organization to the demands of the agitating farmers. The NEC of Popular Front had demanded to revoke the three controversial farm laws that have been rejected by the farmers across the country.

The apex court has put a temporary stay on the implementation of the three farm laws and has appointed a four-member committee to study the issue. While a section of the media has portrayed the court decision as ‘pro-farmer’, the truth is that farmers organizations have categorically rejected the decision. Not only do the farmers’ organizations not have any representation in the committee appointed by the court, but also all the four members are known supporters of the bill and, seemingly, are govt nominees. The report of the committee will likely be one in favour of the laws. While there is nothing in the court order that is reassuring to the farmers and they have decided to continue their peaceful democratic protests, there is a high possibility that the central government will use the court order as an excuse to violently crackdown on the ongoing agitations, as it had earlier done with regards to the citizenship agitation.

Popular Front reaffirms its support to the farmers and demands that the government unconditionally revoke the three controversial farm bills that have been rejected by the farmers across the country. The civil society in the country should not allow another peaceful democratic struggle to fail. We want the country to stay alert against any attempts by the central government to suppress the farmers by force.