Janashakthi Maha Samgamam – A brief report

“Janashakthi Maha Samgamam” (Grand Get-together of People’s Power) with the theme “Unarunna Malappuram” (Awaking Malappuram) conducted by Popular Front of India, commemorating the struggles of their ancestors against foreign hegemony and feudal powers; and ruminating the memories of art, literary and cultural contributions of Malappuram district became a new experience to Malappuram district.

Seminars discussing the development of the district, cultural events portraying the art and cultural tradition of the district and the rally and grand get-together that testified the strength of the organization, all were a warning and monition to the powers rolling out the red carpet to invasion.

Psyche of Malappuram was wet with the grief-stricken memories of the Maappilas engaged in struggle and the great scholars who led them against the invading forces, during these days.

Notwithstanding the short time campaign, the crowd consisting of youth and old flowed into the exhibition pavilion arranged as part of the grand get-together had been the cross section of the fighting spirit of Malappuram that has not yet been extinguished. Thus Mampuram Thangal, Ali Musaliar, Omar Qadi, Zainudheen Maqdoom, Variyamkkunnath, Lavakkutty, Unni Moosa, M.P. Naryana Menon, Brahmadatthan Nampoodiripad, et al became familiar names and guides to the new generation of Malappuram.

Get-together activities were formally kicked off on the 28th of August at Kottakkal with its declaration by Prof. P. Koya, Vice Chairman of Popular Front. Get-together tents were erected at different villages and towns for publicity. As forerunner of the get-together, nine commemoration programs were held at villages of historical significance. First program was held at Pookkottur, the freedom movement of which area is documented as the only ‘war’ in the history of freedom struggles. Adv. Karad Abdul Rahman inaugurated the seminar entitled “Brittane Virappicha Pookkottur” (Pookkoottur that Shook Britain). K.P.O Rahmathulla presided over the seminar and Fahad Saleem presented the paper on the topic. Another seminar entitled “Pandithanmaar Nayicha Swaathanthra Samaram” (Freedom Struggle Led by Scholars) was held at Tirurangadi. Arshad Muhammad Nadvi presented the paper on the topic in the seminar which was presided over by B. Noushad, State Secretary of Popular Front. Topic of the seminar held at Angadippuram was “M.P Narayana Menonum Swaathanthrya Samaravum”(M.P Narayanan Menon and Freedom Struggle). Indianoor Gopi, Prof. Sudarshan, Ali Arikkath and Sreekumar spoke at the seminar. Zainudeen Mankalaamkunnu presented the paper in the seminar held at Ponnani. “Adhiniveshaviruddha Poraattatthil Maqdoomumaarude Pank” (Role of Maqdooms in the Anti-invasion Struggle) was the topic of the seminar. C.P. Muhammad Basheer presided over the seminar. Jaleel Neelampra presided over the seminar entitled “Variamkunnath – Samara Nayakan” (Variyankunnath – the Leader of Struggle) held at Kalikave. Kamal Pasha presented the paper. The title of the seminar held at Manjeri was “ Manjeri – Poraattangalude Mann” (Manjeri, the Soil of Battles). Adv. K.P. Muhammad Shareef presided over the seminar; Dr. Mujeeb Rahman, M.A. Karappancheri and Noorul Amin were present. Prominent Historian Dr. K.K.N Kurup was the chief guest at the seminar entitled “Cheroorum Poocholamaadum Ranolsukathayude Smaarakashilakal” (Cheroor and Poocholamaad, Memory Stones of Belligerence) held at Poocholamaad, Vengara. C.Abdul Hameed and Dr. Aboobaker attended. Ahmed Kutty Moulavi presented “Maavandiyoor Quissa Song” commemorating the “Malappuram Pada” (Malappuram Army) at Valiyangadi, Malappuram.

Wagon Tragedy: Salahudeen Ayoobi presented the paper in the Seminar held at Kuruvampalam, the native place of the martyrs of wagon tragedy with the title “Poraatta Vazhiyile Koottkkuruthi” (Massacre in the Path of Battle). M. Abdussamad presided over.
The exhibition “Malappuram Peruma” (Fame of Malappuram) demonstrating each and every event of arrival of foreigners to India from the 15th century and the resistance offered by the warriors was inaugurated by famous singer V.T. Murali. Myriads of people visited the exhibition. Advancement of the warriors with blessings of scholars against the foreigners, who disrupted the serene environment of Malappuram villages, was unveiled in the exhibition. Books, literary contributions, educational history and great personalities of Malappuram were included in the show. The exhibition helped in providing an insight to Indian Muslims. “Variamkunnath” a short documentary directed by Sharaf Mokkam was the main attraction at the theatre arranged at the venue. Screen play of the film was by Ibrahim Vengara.

Programs of the week-long get-together started from Omanoor, the village of shaheeds against immoralities of the local king as Moin Bapu, the hero of Gwalior Rayons, flagged off the flag-mast rally. Karamana Asharaf Moulavi, President Popular Front of India hoisted flag on the 20th September. “Sarga Sayahnam” (Creative Evening) a cultural program by Junior Friends was held in the evening. Writing competitions begun in the morning on Sunday the 21st. Competitions were conducted in water coloring, cartoon drawing, padappaatt, baith, Arabic group song, Adaan and Qur’an recital. Famous singer Nilambur Shaji was the chief guest at the cultural programs held in the evening. Show of “Kalarippayat” (a form of martial art in Kerala) and “Kolkkali” (a native Muslim cultural program) were also held. Programs on Monday started with literary and cultural get-together. P. Abdul Hameed presided over. V.M Kutty, famous singer and cultural activist inaugurated the program. Ummer Anchachavidi, Ummar Vadhuvaai, Bilaval Rahman Thangal and Odakkal Moideen Kutty Master were present. Theme of the evening was “Kalayudeyum Saahithyatthinteyum Samoohika Prathibaddhatha” (Social Commitment of Art and Literature). Famous singer Firoz Babu inaugurated “Mehfil e Gazal” program held afterwards. Shameer Binsi and team performed Gazal and Qawali. “Deenul Haq” authored by A. Saeed and “Pandithanmaar Poraalikal” (Scholars, the Warriors) authored by Arshad Muhammad Nadvi were released by Mohammed Koya and Noorudeen Musaliar respectively.

A seminar on the topic “Malappuratthinte Saamskaarika Parambryam” (Cultural Heritage of Malappuram) was held on the 22nd at 4:30 p.m. K.H Nasar delivered the keynote address; Abdul Rahman Mangad presented the paper. A. Saeed presented a memento to Balakrishnan Vallikkunnu, the prominent scholar of “Mappila” literature, to honor him for his contributions. Lyricist Bapu Vavad was the guest at the Musical Representation of “Padappaatukal” (Battle Songs) program, later.

First event on 23rd was the “Master Music” program presented by Kondotty Razak. Jamal Kochangadi delivered the keynote address at this program. Ummer Anchachavidi was the guest of Campus Fest that followed.

“Malappuratthinte Vidyaabhyaasam, Thozhil, Saampatthikam – Vartthaamanavum Bhaaviyum” (Education, Employment and Economy of Malappuram – Present and Future) was the topic of the seminar on the 24th. P. Noorul Amin presided over, Dr. Z.A Ashraf and Adv. M.M Rafeeq presented papers. Next was the “Malappuram Pada Paadipparayal” (Narration of Battle of Malappuram through Singing) program. Storyteller Ahmed Kutty Moulavi Mavandiyoor presented the program. Prominent lyricist Bapu Vellipparamb was the guest.

Adv. Mohamed Shareef presided over and Nasrudeen Elamaram and A.P Kunjamu presented papers in the seminar entitled “Malappuram Thedunna Raashtreeya Badal” (Political Alternative that Malappuram Seeks) held in the morning on the 26th.

District and Division office-bearers led the mass rally and Volunteer March that started at 4:30 pm from Moyinkutty Vaidyar Memorial premises. Sisters lined up behind the Volunteer March. Floats based on contemporary events, Maappila cultural genre, roller skating by small kids, etc, imparted attraction to the rally. Mass rally in which tens of thousands of activists participated entered the venue of get-together by 6:30 p.m. The grand get-together started at 7:00 p.m. Despite the heavy shower, the venue was over flowing with myriads of people including women with infants, flowed in to Kondotty from various parts of the district.

Convener P.K Muhammad Sujeer welcomed the gathering; Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, President Popular Front presided over and National General Secretary O.M.A Salam inaugurated the Grand Get-together. Kamal Farooqi, ex-Chairman, Delhi State Minority Commission was the chief guest. E.M. Abdul Rahman, NEC member, Muhammad Eisa Fadil Mampaee, State President, All India Imams Council, Muvattupuzha Ashraf Moulavi, State Vice President, SDPI, P.K Ramla, State President NWF and V.M Fahad, State President, Campus Front spoke. C. Abdul Hameed, General Convener proclaimed the “Malappuram Declaration”. State Executive Committee members P.P. Rafeeq, K. Muhammad Ali, and C.P Muhammad Basheer presented resolutions. Convener Muhammad Basheer proposed a vote of thanks.

Prepared by Asif Bathery