Independence Day Message from E Abubacker, Chairman, Popular Front of India

This anniversary day of our independence from British colonial rule is more than an occasion
of celebration. Because of independence, the people of India are bestowed with the
democratic system built on a strong constitutional foundation. Though the democratic spirit
of our constitutional system was challenged and threatened many times in the past, it has
never been put to test as severely as it is today. The steps taken by newly sworn central
government within a short period is indicative of their disrespect to democratic and
constitutional values. The parliament has witnessed erosion of values while draconian and
sectarian laws were enacted in a hurry even by violating procedures. While the government
is determined to implement their sectarian agenda in a calculated manner, our nation also
witness gradual death of a responsible opposition. Many opposition parties and leaders are
either in a confused state or getting ready to serve Hindutva politics. This critical juncture in
the history of independent India demands from civil society a second independence
movement. I call upon all responsible citizens in our country to join hands for saving the
Idea of India.