Healthy People Healthy Nation: Manipur state inauguration held

Manipur: Popular front healthy people and healthy nation campaign inaugurated in the Manipur state. The function was held 3rd November, 2009 at Lilong Tairen Makhong Loumanbi Sporting Ground, Manipur. The health of the nation is in the health of the people of the country.

Before the beginning od the function about 50 Sportsmen tookpart race from about 5 kms from the function premises. After arriving the participants, the function begins and warmly welcome and congratulate them.

In the above function eminent persons, sportsmen, social workers and public activities from different parts of Manipur were attended. Md. Islauddin Kora, Md.Helaluddin Khan, Md.Raushad Ali, Md. Jalaluddin, Benjamin M. Shah, Alhaj Mahmood Khan and Md. Abdul Nasir were the presidium members of the function.

Md. Jalaluddin started the function with Dua. Benjamin M Shah have given welcome and the key note address. Mufti Arshad Quasimi have given valuable speech by quoting some verses from Holy scripture. And A hadith in connection with the physical exercice. He also mentioned about the needed of exercises that were demonstrated during the time of our last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Md. Islauddin Kora explained about the needed of exercises in our day to day life. Md. Helaluddin Khan pointed out the needed of exercise to become our Healthy nation and Healthy people. Md. Rousan Ali also to arise and to begin exercise regularly.

The participants of the function observe solemn decision to perform the exercise under the reputed guidance in the coming future. Then, Md. Rafiuddin Shah have given vote of thanks.

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