Glimpses of History Attracted Many Towards Exhibition Hall Organized by Popular Front at Madurai

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Madurai: The exhibition at Siraj ud Daula hall, Anna Nagar was inauguraated by Vice president A.S Ismail at 3.00pm. The exhibition was filled with memories of history and present day events. A short but complete history of Islam was shown in the form of flex and art work, The history of Caliphs, Abbasias, history of Muslims who were the masters of inventions and their contribution to new research, starting of Islam in India, the Gahjini, the Ghori, the Mughal rule till the freedom struggle movement and the role of Muslims in leading the freedom struggle movements. The exhibition also didnt fail to cover the present day situation of Muslims, the communal riots against them, the partiality, double standards etc were displayed. Finally the activities of Popular Front in Tamilnadu was also displayed. The exhibition was witnessed by thousands of people and will be open till the next day afternoon 2.30pm.

By this the first day event were over and the next day is to start by “Women’s role in social empowerment”, a women seminar in the Hajrath Begum mahal hall(Conference ground ladies section). After the seminar a major rally is to begin at 2.30pm from Syed Ahmed Shaheed entrance(suguna bakery) and will end at the conference ground.


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