Get together of social activists and discussion on current situation in Karnataka

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Get together – K.M.Sharif speaks to social activists

Banglore: A Get Together of Social Activists and Discussion on Current Situation in Karnataka held by Popular Front of India, Karnataka Unit, at ISI hall, Banglore on 8th May, Saturday. National Secretary of Popular Front of India K.M.Shareef presided over the program.

Several social activist from across the state participated in the program. The program, which started at 11.30 A.M, was divided in to two sessions. Introduction and Discussion on Popular Front of India’s activities held at the morning session. Popular Front of India Karnataka state president Ilyas Thumbe gave an introduction regarding his organization.

He said that Popular Front of India was active in 16 states and had been endeavouring to bring adequate freedom, justice and security in the country.

He added that his organization had been struggling to protect the nation from the attack of fascist elements and capitalist forces.

In second session of the program a discussion held on current situation in Karnataka.

The issues like decreasing value of Secularism after BJP’s arrival in to power, effort to bring anti cow slaughter bill against the interest of majority of people, continues assault on the minorities in different ways and double stand of medias were discussed in the program.

Socialist activists disappointed that communal harmony and democratic values was being perishing in the state and they feared that which might effect on the integrity of the country.

Speaking to audience K.M.Sharif said that earlier in coastal districts of Karnataka paltry causes were enough to create communal violence. But after
social activists

Get together – Social activists participating in the program

establishment of his organization, amount of communal riots has been reduced considerably as his organisation created awareness among the Muslim youths. But state, which uses communal violence for its own benefit, has been using police forces to exploit innocent Muslims.

“Social organizations should use this organization in order to secure the equality and peace in the country and should actively participate in the activities of the organization to protect the country from anti democratic forces”, he added.

Former MLA B.T.Lalitha Nayak, Deepu, Bhanjagere Shiva Prakash, Kalkuli Vittal Hegde, Venkata Swamy, Gouri Lankesh, Shiva Sundar, Nagari Babayya, Nagaragere Ramesh, Ishrath, Fakir Muhammad Katpady, Ramdas Rao, Sanath Kumar Belagali, Dr.Vasu, Advocate Eresh were present at the program.

B.T.Lalitha Naik

Get together – B.T.Lalitha Naik delivering address

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