Get Together of Political Activists – Presidential address

Get Together of Political Activists – Presidential address

Friday, August 14th, 2009

We are participating in this get together in an environment in which our country is confronting rigorous challenges. We long for a serious discussion on India in general and on Indian Muslims and other backward Dalit, Adivasis in particular. The current situation of our country is entirely different from that of 1990s. Though the Hindutwa fascism was a severe challenge to Indian Muslims in 90s, fascism is posing tough challenges against India since 2000 till this juncture.

Intrusion of Sangh Parivar in to the military is continuing inexorably. They are being recruited after giving special coaching at RSS training centers. The explosives such as RDX etc., that are  in the stringent custody of the military are reaching in the hands of Hindutwa terrorists.  The army warehouses are being drained.

According to the charge sheet submitted by the investigation agency of Malgaon explosions ATS, a secret plan for establishing a Hindutwa Rastra after suspending Indian constitution was geared up. The plan was to establish a Hindutwa government with its head quarters in Israel. These people had made a treaty with the former king of Nepal Jnanendra to capture it through a military coup. Though the Hindutwa was anti Muslim in 1990s, now it is anti national.

Our country has an official diplomatic relationship with Israel. The nuclear deal obviously indicates an invisible special love bond between India and America. George Bush says that if you want to know my public support, ask to Indian populace. The relationship of India with these two countries has made deep influence on our internal affairs.

It is true that we, Muslims didn’t exploit our resources.  Muslim organizations and leaders made an effort to confine us in their dried out theoretical circles. Muslim scholars shrank into their own madrassas and mosques. Muslim political leaders received their share in administration by mortgaging Muslim community under the feet of government and political parties.

While turning back, after 62 years of independence, Indian Muslims have nothing to be proud of. Muslims did nothing for themselves. Similarly, the congress government also did nothing in favour of Muslims. There for it is seen in Sachar Committee report which was published after 60 years of independence, that the Muslims are more back ward than dalits in plenty of  spheres. We see that among the three communities whom the Mandal Commission had found out backward, two communities namely dalits and backward communities of Hindus, except Muslims, acquired political power. But even after 62 years of independence Muslims, who constitute 15% of population, have not attained the wisdom for thinking  in such a way.

Muslims have been supporting Congress ever since independence to 1977. Emergency was imposed in 1975. Then their administration targeted poor and destitute people. Compulsory family planning was enacted. Hundreds of Muslim destitutes and street merchants living in the vicinity of Turkman Gate and Delhi Juma Masjid  were evicted without providing any other alternative. This reflected in the election of 1977. Although Muslims had not a political leadership they proved that they were a vote bank. Even after the shock treatment of 1977 election, Muslims continued their support to Congress. After the demolition of Babari Masjid in 1992 Muslims reviewed again their stand towards Congress. However, as for Muslims, the post Babari period was politically awful. That was a period in which the Hindutwa politics rode their chariot against Muslims.

Muslims happened to be confined into a single face agenda that the BJP must be kept away from the administration. In a sense, it was unavoidable in that period, but till today Muslims could not retreat from that political stance. Secular parties including Congress competed for Muslim votes. As for Muslims they divided their votes among these secular parties. It made adverse effect in two ways:

Disunity in secular parties reinstated BJP into the administration. 
The vote bank power of Muslims faded away. 

The secular parties worked overtly and covertly to squash Muslim vote bank and prevent their political empowerment. For example, PDF, a confederation of several Muslim organizations founded under the leadership of Moulana Kalb-e- Jawad was disintegrated. 
Secular parties were giving the message that we don’t want the organized muslim power, we want their fragmented support.

These facts prove that the negative politics we were playing in the political field from 1947 didn’t help us to achieve any advantage. At the same time, the threat that BJP would come into power was flared up so that we couldn’t think of a positive politics.

Let anybody come or not come, it is high time to meddle politically in order to obtain adequate representation for Muslim community in the administration. What did Muslims achieve by the political experiments of the past? What did the parties, whom we enthroned, provided us?

The Muslim representation in assemblies and parliament was not proportionate to the population. Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe have reserved constituencies, but Muslims. Not only that, most often Muslim majority constituencies will have reserved for scheduled castes. Sachar Committee has revealed these facts.

In olden days Muslim League had MLAs in West Bengal. In Maharastra and Utter Pradesh Muslim Majlis had been represented. But now these all exhausted, none is representing Muslim parties today. In UP dalits who constitute 22%, are in power but Muslims who are 19% are nowhere.

In Kerala Muslim League is strong in Malabar area. MIM in Hyderabad is confined in four or five parliament constituencies. Both parties are not willing to come out from their regional constituencies and consider Indian Muslims as their constituency.

Here we are unable to distinguish between governments. Indian Muslims are living in a situation in which they are incapable of understanding the differences between BJP and Congress, BSP and BJP, CPM and BJP.

We have to underscore here a fact. Where you have power there you have existence. If you are not in power you are slaves. Therefore our immediate effort must be for achieving share – adequate share in power. If the so called development or improvement is to be accomplished all people of our country must be uplifted. They must be empowered in educational and politico-economical fields. Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, farmers and villages must be free from discriminations. All people should be rulers.

When Muslims are talking about their representation in power, they are not requiring any communal demand. When asking for education and economic uplift, it should not be regarded communal. We are not asking any communal need. We are raising our voice for our secular rights.

Muslims have only one way in front of them. Not to be depressed by the past politics, imbibe lessons from it and step forward by trusting in our own strength and entrusting on God. It should not be our aim that who should not come to power? But our aim is that we must come to power. This is what we imply by positive politics. Dalits and Yadavs came to the fore front only because they adopted this policy. If they want  BJP and other communal forces not to come to the power, let them vote for us. We can ensure success if we can evolve a positive thinking among Indian Muslims.

For fulfilling this, there should be systematic activity from national level to booth level, An activity apart from gathering people through emotional slogans, not a temporary activity of extravagance. On the other hand, it is an activity of creating cadres form booth level and equipping an incessant and ever existing working group. Instead of being onlookers for any kind of political chance game, be arise a working group prepared for political struggle.

There is an India in our dream which is without discrimination  and where social justice and economic equality prevail. An India where prevails economic justice and social structure free from exploitation; a system which is ethical and providing legal security for values; A system of all people. It will be the eternal liberation to all Indians. Insha Allah