Popular Front welcomes UN resolution on Jerusalem; Appreciates Indian support

Popular Front of India Chairman E. Abubacker has welcomed the UN resolution against US decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The resolution was adopted with 128 votes in favor and only 9 votes opposing it. The resolution is a major blow to the US-Israeli colonial project in the Middle East. It is an indication of strong consensus emerging against Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Despite direct threats from Donald Trump against those who oppose the move, the US has failed to garner any significant support from other countries. The number of votes received in favor of the resolution gives the message that the world is no longer ready to tolerate their imperial aspirations in the region. Its time for the leaders of both countries to stop the occupation of Arab lands and killing innocent people.
E Abubacker appreciated India for voting in favour of the resolution. By the voting against the wishes of the US government, India has not only upheld its principled stand in favor of the freedom of Palestine but also conveyed the message that our policies are not under the influence of any superpower. He hoped that this sovereign and independent stand of India will also be reflected in all our future foreign policy issues.

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