We welcome Supreme court Order on Homosexuality

We welcome Supreme court Order on Homosexuality, it must be Upheld forever:Popular Front

Popular front of India welcomes the recent verdict of Supreme court which again criminalizes the Unnatural; sex or in common words Homosexuality . Its awful to see some Kangaroo courts of Twitterati and Facbook are disgustfully ridiculing Supreme court for its stand against homosexuality.

One of the main causes of AIDS endemic and one of most unwanted and shameful pervert acts “homosexuality “ must be curbed down with measures equaling if not exceeding the ,measures taken against Aids. As a journalist noted in his argument that God created “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” . Homosexuality is dangerous for both the individuals and for the society. A godless society Somewhere in “Far West “etc can have such sickness flowing around but it’s unacceptable in the society like india which still has Moral values and a largely intact family system. Those supporting this vulgarity as natural must understand that its not natural, or else there would have been no “two sexes” in first place even Animals stay away from this vulgarity. They must understand that accepting blindly whatever fed by West, is not Modernity, but Slavery.

In the end we re-iterate our support to criminalization of Homosexuality and demand government of India to stay away from any act that makes this legal. As it create a big moral disorder and sexual anarchy in society

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