Demonization is to prepare grounds for repression: Popular Front

New Delhi: In a statement issued by the National Secretariat of Popular Front of India after its meeting presided by the Chairman, E Abubacker in Calicut, claimed that because of the consistent stand taken by Popular Front of India against the fascist ideology of the Sangh Parivar and because of speaking out against the failure of the government in its duties, there are attempts being made to repress Popular Front.

The attempts are being made by using certain agencies under the control of the Central Government and aim at tarnishing the image of the organization. Certain sections of the media are playing up to this plot by pro-actively stamping the “terrorism tag” based on some allegedly leaked NIA reports. This vilification campaign is seen as an attempt to create a stereotype amongst people to later justify the repression.

The alleged NIA report has references to two local incidents, one at Moovattupuzha and the other at Narath in Kerala. Both cannot be quoted as acts of terrorism. In one case, trial court found that neither Popular Front as an organization nor its leadership are involved, and in the other case, Kerala High Court has quashed the UAPA sections and the Supreme Court refused to admit any appeals by the NIA to set aside the Kerala High Court order.

The SIMI regrouping theory is also absurd and has been rebutted in the past. National Development Front, the predecessor of Popular Front was formed in 1993 whereas the SIMI ban was announced in 2001.

Popular Front is an open book and the allegations now being revealed, after media greasepaint, are actually quite old and proved to be baseless in the past also. This is also being done to divert people’s attention from the media exposures of the failures of government, post its demonetization adventure and to cover up some Hindutva brand hate incidents revealed from forced re-conversion victims. Popular Front will continue to resist such smear campaigns and attempts to repress by reaching out to people directly and resorting to democratic and legal means.

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