Statement issued in Media Meet, on 27-09-2019, at Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi.

Live without Fear; Live with Dignity
Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi
Sunday 29 September 2019. 1 pm onwards.
The prevailing situation in our country is a matter of serious concern for all citizens. An atmosphere of hate and fear is being deliberately created in India in various ways ranging from communal mobilization against religious minorities to mob lynching in the name Goraksha.
Just within few months, the new central government has shown that it is determined to implement the core Hindutva agenda at any cost. They were not bothered about democracy, constitution and parliamentary procedures while making draconian changes in UAPA, NIA, RTI laws and making a new law on Triple Talaq. Now the government is fully armed with powers to suppress all voices of dissent by declaring not only organisations, but individuals also as terrorists. The religious minorities are further threatened with announcement of implementing nationwide National Register of Citizens (NRC). The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is a move that communalises the very concept of citizenship. Some recent government moves points to centralisation of powers as seen in the case of Jammu & Kashmir where constitutional status of that state was taken away by violating basic norms of democracy.
Almost all economic indicators show that Indian economy is facing an unprecedented slowdown. Unemployment rate in the country is all-time high. GDP growth has fallen to the lowest level. Millions have lost jobs and companies are being shut down.
Sangh Parivar ultimately aims to change the basic character of the nation, its pluralism, federalism, constitution and systems. Unfortunately, while the misrule, authoritarian tendencies and rights violations are wreaking havoc in the country, the opposition parties are not seen effectively playing their role. It is time to dismiss this manufactured fear and insecurity and to bring back pluralism and tolerance in our country. This situation demands a people’s movement that refuses to be intimidated and is committed to secular democratic values of the nation.
All citizens and groups that have faith in democracy and constitutional values should join hands to save our nation from turmoil. Popular Front of India stands for empowering all citizens and classes to LIVE without FEAR & LIVE with DIGNITY.
The People’s Rights Conference (जन अधिकार सम्मेलन) is organised by North Zone of Popular Front of India to make people aware of the situational challenges, to replace prevailing fear with sense of dignity and to convey the message of broad alliance building among minorities, weaker sections, civil rights groups and secular democratic forces.
The conference preparations are in final stage. Our conference campaigns were successful in mobilsing and motivating people to attend the event in large groups.
We expect that thousands of people from Delhi and nearby regions will take part in this People’s Rights Conference to be held at Indira Gandhi Stadium on Sunday 29 September 2019 from 1 pm onwards.
Popular Front Chairman E Abubacker will inaugurate the conference to be presiding over by Popular Front North Zone President A S Ismail. The leaders and dignitaries who have agreed to address the conference include Mr. Shafique- ur- Rahman Barq (MP), Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan (Chairman, Delhi Minority Commission), Janab Ml. Syed Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Naumaani Sb.(Spokesperson AIMPLB) Mr. Father Susai Sabiestin, Prof. Baljinder Singh, Janab Dr. Mufti Mukarram Ahmed Sb. (Shahi Imam,Masjid Fatehpuri), Adv. Sharfuddin Sb. (Vice President,SDPI)Mr Yugal Kishore Sharan Shastri (Mahant Ayodhya) Janab Anis Ahmed sb. (Natinal Secretary Popular Front of India) Mufti Hanif Ahrar Sb.( Gen. Secretary AIIC), Janab Mohammed Saquib Sb. (President, Karnatka PFI), Sajid MS (National President, Campus Front of India) Ms. Lubna Minhaj ( Vice President NWF), Mr. Ashok Bharti (Principal Advisor NACDAOR) and S. M. Anwar Hussain (Ex AMU Honorary secretary & President)
We request all media persons to attend and cover this important event.
Attending the media meet:
1. Abdul Wahid Sait (National secretary)
2. Anis Ahmed (National secretary)
3. A S Ismail (Zonal President)
4. Mohd. Ilias (Conference Convener)
5. Anis Ansari (Conference Convener)