Love Jihad hoax: Sangh Parivar agenda to re-divide the country: Popular Front

New Delhi: The smear campaign launched by Sangh Pariwar against Muslim youth in the name of fictitious Love Jihad is nothing but old game played by Sangh Parivar to divide people on religious lines for easy political gains, said K M Shareef, the Chairman of Popular Front of India. He appealed to common people of the country to be vigilant against such attempts and not to be swayed by the nefarious propaganda.

Shareef said that this ploy is imported from Kerala, its birth place, where it died out quickly after the Kerala Police reported to the High Court that no evidence had been found about existence of `Love Jihad` movement.

Youth of this country fall in love and get married regardless of their religion or race since ages. It was a matter that only concerned the families of the involved except in some cases where some casteist and ultra-conservative communities which took the matter as far as burning the couple alive. Such isolated incidents were hardly used for political gains except by some rabidly sectarian Hindutwa groups. In south Karnataka Sri Ram Sene,an extreme communal group, came up with malicious accusation that Muslims are using love to trap Hindu girls and then convert them to their faith. It was even accused that thousands of girls were thus converted and later sold to Jihadists in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course it was a creation of wild imagination of some Hindutwa planners. And soon the whole propaganda crashed to the ground, the Chairman said.

Despite these realties the Love Jihad is seemingly gaining momentum in states like Uttar Pradesh on the eve of certain by-elections. K M Shareef called on the authorities to call the bluff of the Hindutwa groups by publicizing relevant data about inter-religious marriages. He also called for stringent action against those behind the propaganda.

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