CSDS survey proves the dangerous depth of Muslim hate in police forces

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has stated that the ‘Status of Policing in India Report’ published by CSDS is proof of the dangerous depth of RSS ideology of Muslim hate among police personnel.
In the light of the new findings, he underlined the need of our police force to be made more inclusive and unbiased.
It is extremely disturbing to learn that every other police personnel surveyed by CSDS researchers thinks that Muslims are likely to be naturally prone to committing crimes. The finding that 35 percentages of them supported Goraksha violence should open our eyes. Indian psyche is not free of its share of superstitions and deeply internalized hatred for people they deem other. BJP politically capitalize on this fear and hatred.
The CSDS report is a testimony, how far fanatic forces have managed to extend their roots in the police force.
In such a situation, the alienated people, particularly Muslims cannot hope for justice from police. The report explains the everyday experiences of Muslim community with police and proves how the community remains over-represented in jails and undergo custodial tortures. It also speaks why in cases where Muslims were brutally lynched in broad daylight, the culprits walk free. A recent report revealed that because of the holes in police story and lack of enthusiasm on their part, culprits walked free in 40 of the 41 cases related to Muzaffarnagar riots in which judgments were passed. And in the only one case in which there was punishment, the culprits were Muslims.
E Abubacker stressed that solving the issue of Muslim under-representation and police education and training to eliminate unfounded notions and biases are primary steps required in order to regain the lost dignity of the police forces.