Ensure Safety of Women: NWF Karnataka demands govt.

National Womens Front, Karnataka has urged Karnataka state government to take proper measures to ensure the safety of women in the state.
The organization, in a press release, said that it is unfortunate that rape and other crimes against women are increasing in the country even after many efforts to keep law and order situation under control.
It added, “it is condemnable that many rape crimes happened in the various places of the state in last some days. However it is commendable that all the parties and organizations are protesting the latest rape incidents. And it is also a positive development that state government is trying to make immediate ammendments to control increasing rape incidents.”
However the organization noted that only some incidents are being reported in the media while several such incidents happen in villages of various parts of the state remains without reported.
The organization said, “government should ban all the obscene posters which encourage sexual oppression, prostitution, pub etc. Change is possible if all the activities which may degrade honor of women put under control”.

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