India should severe ties with Israel, demand protestors

The Confederation of Muslim movements and political parties today staged a massive demonstration at the State capital Chennai to condemn the atrocities by the Israel on the innocent Palestinians. Israel has no regard for the international laws and has killed around two thousand people in this month long attack. Nearly thirty percent of those killed are children and more than ten thousand people have been injured in the attacks.

The workers and the offices of the United Nations, journalists, schools and even ambulances were also targeted by Israel. The Confederation vehemently condemned this barbaric and inhuman act of the Israeli Government. The silence of the majority of the nations has revealed their double standards.

India, the champion of Non Aligned Movement should condemn this attack. But the BJP led Government at the Centre has not condemned Israel and has also refused to pass a resolution against Israel at both the Houses of the Parliament. The Confederation demanded that the Central Government should severe the ties with Israel and pass the resolution to condemn the inhuman acts of Israel. The protestors also demanded the boycott of Israeli products.

The leaders of various movements and political parties participated in this protest. Hundreds of public also participated and registered their protest against Israel and voiced their support for the Palestinians.

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