Popular Front chairman conveys Eid greetings

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef conveyed his warm greetings to the believers who are celebrating Eidul Fitr after month-long fasting in the holy month of Ramadan and to all fellow Indians. In his Eidul Fitr message to people of India KM Shareef appealed to all sections of the people of India to uphold unity, tolerance and charity, and to defeat the communal and divisive forces and forces of exploitation that are threatening to endanger the pluralistic environment and welfare of our nation.
Shareef reminded that Eid is not just another occasion to cater to the consumerist culture which has taken over almost all the celebrations. The teachings of prophet (peace be upon him) shows that Eid is better celebrated when basic requirements of the marginalized people are properly addressed. Thus it becomes the duty on every believer to make sure that no soul around them is starving or in need of basic necessities on the day of Eid and after.
He also asked Muslims who celebrate Eid to remember and pray for the victims of ongoing state atrocities such in Palestine, Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, Uighur Muslims of China and people living in terror in many parts of Arab Muslim world.

With regards,
Muhammad Arif Ahmed
Director – Public Relations
Popular Front Headquarters
New Delhi

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