Popular Front cautions about divisive trends and violence in Muslims world

Press Release
10 July 2015

New Delhi: The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has appealed all sections of Indian Muslims for an objective understanding and pragmatic approach in the context of the emerging divisive trends and violence in Muslim world.
The holy month of Ramadan calls for thoughts and action that bridge the gaps and strengthen bonds among Muslims irrespective of diversities in views and approaches. But unfortunately this Ramadan could witness Muslims not getting together, but further disintegrating as evident from the escalation of explosions and killings in some Arab-Muslim countries. Just a week ago, many Muslims were killed when bombs exploded in a Masjid in Nigeria. The rebel militant group Boko Haram is accused as responsible for the incident. Similar attacks in Shia Masjids in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have also taken away many innocent human lives. Islamic State (ISIS) which battles for control in parts of Iraq and Syria is held responsible for both these attacks. An incident of terror is reported recently from Tunisia also.
Popular Front of India Central Secretariat has condemned all these terrorist acts and observed that the forces behind these inhuman attacks serve only the nefarious goal of defaming Muslims by falsely associating their religion with terrorism. Their actions covertly and overtly create unrest in the respective countries and intensify divisions and disillusions among Muslims across the world.
There is no doubt that the hidden hands of Zionists, imperialists and capitalists of the West are at work in situations of turmoil in Muslim dominated lands. But primarily the Muslim majority societies and their governments must blame themselves since external enemies cannot enter their domain if they stay just and united. In many Muslim countries, the government is at war with own people while the people themselves are engaged in sectarian wars. The atrocities by the dictatorial regimes in countries like Syria, Egypt and Iraq without giving space for freedom and democracy works as a breeding grounds for internal conflicts and armed rebellions. It is tragic for the common people that their repressive governments as well as combating groups show least respect for freedom and democracy. The militant groups that fight for control in Muslim countries show no concern for people’s right for a secure life and ultimately exodus and refugee life have become the fate of the masses.
The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front reminded Muslims that thosr who promote Sunni or Shia sectarianism or Sufi and Salafi quarrels are becoming tools in the process of disintegrating Muslim societies. The meeting also called upon the Indian Muslim community not to be miscarried by any external occurrences as above and consolidate their efforts in empowering the community, society and the nation by making best use of the available democratic space.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
General Secretary
Popular Front of India

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