Popular Front denounces suppression of new Dalit movements and leaders

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker in a statement has denounced the government attempts to suppress new Dalit social movements like Bhim Army by demonizing and arresting their leaders on false charges. E Abubacker expressed his support to all struggles of Dalit movements and activists who are striving against casteist atrocities and for fundamental right of a secure and dignified human life that has been systemically denied to them for centuries. Since last few years there has been an unprecedented surge in violence against Dalits. Not just from the upper-caste fanatics and cow-protections gangs on the streets, but even at reputed institutions of higher education, Dalits are facing extreme oppression, discrimination and alienation as we witnessed in the institutional murder of Dalit research Scholar Rohit Vemula at HCU. The traditional Dalit leaders, their organizations and political parties have failed in addressing these grave concerns and have long abandoned struggle for social justice. Some of them have betrayed Dalit masses and became stooges of the ruling class for petty personal gains. It is under these circumstances, new Dalit resistance movements are emerging in states like Gujarat, U P and M P. A new generation Dalit leaders like Jignesh Mevani in Gujarath and Chandrashekhar Azad in U P are being received by Dalit masses as rays of hope in this casteist quagmire. Not only the BJP, but even secular parties that are under the influence of Brahminical authoritarianism have always tried to vilify Dalit identities and socio-political initiatives. Popular Front chairman stressed the need of broad alliance building among dalit, minorities and civil rights groups to defeat the evil designs of reactionary forces and ruling classes. The recent arrest of Chandrashekhar Azad, the leader of Bhim Army in U P and its members is part of the ongoing dirty political vendetta of casteist and chauvinist forces. E Abubacker demanded his immediate release and dropping of all baseless charges against him. He assured that Popular Front of India, as it has always been, would continue to extend its unconditional support for Dalit brothers and sisters in their struggles for equality, dignity and justice.

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