Popular Front opposes 100 pc FDI in defence and media

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National Executive Council has expressed deep concern about the proposal of Modi Government to allow 100% FDI in defence industry and media. The National Executive Council of the organization has pointed out that it is pointer to the extreme rightist economic policies being adopted by the NDA government.

No sensible government in the world has allowed cent percent foreign investment in strategic industries and Indian defence industry is known for extensive research and development. Such moves are detrimental to the interest of the indigenous defence industry under various government departments and PSU’s. It will also compromise our national security as the investors will have access to the exclusive information about the country’s defence, the Council said. Even Dr Manmohan Singh the darling of the US neo-liberal economists hesitated to permit 100% FDI in defence.
It is also dangerous to India’s sovereignty and culture to permit 100% FDI in media business .Newspapers and TV channels play a very crucial role in the forming public opinion. India has a great tradition of press freedom and the recent encroachments made by the corporate business houses in to the field of media has already endangered people’s right to know and participate.

The advent of the titans of world media will only exacerbate the already tenuous press freedom as they will collude with corporate houses to serve their political and economic agenda.

The Council has also said that some of the stray remarks by NDA ministers about the Ram temple and the Uniform Civil Code are intended to test waters. But it shows the real mindset of the communal outfits who want to use divisive agenda to gain power. However any illegal efforts to implement majoritarian policies will be stiffly resisted by Indian people.

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