Media under control of commercial interests: Anil Chamadia

“Since the major media houses in India are under control of commercial interests, we cannot expect them playing a positive role in current political situation.” This view was elaborated by Mr. Anil Chamadia who is a renowned columnist and media activist. He was delivering the Popular Lecture of the month, held at Popular Front of India headquarters in New Delhi. Moreover, many of them are serving the interests of Sangh Parivar which controls the government in the centre and many states. He opined that people who share the concerns of constitutional values such as justice, liberty and fraternity should come forward to initiate new media ventures for addressing the situation.
E M Abdul Rahiman, National Executive Council member of Popular Front chaired the meeting. Ansar Indori, co-coordinator of NCHRO introduced the speaker to the audience. Gulphan Husain, Delhi State Secretary of Popular Front welcomed the gathering and Shafeeq Rahman, PR Secretary at Popular Front headquarters gave vote of thanks.
The lecture by Mr. Anil Chamadia was the second program in the monthly Popular Lecture series being organised by the Delhi State Committee of Popular Front. Eminent scholars and lead activists are expected to give lectures on contemporary issues in coming months.

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