People will protect the secular system of a tolerant nation: Popular Front

New Delhi: 16 May 2014
K. M. Shareef, the Chairman of the Popular Front of India, called upon the people of India to join hands to protect the democratic and secular values of the nation. In the statement issued after the declaration of general election results, he demanded that the newly elected parliament and the NDA government should exercise their constitutional responsibility of fulfilling national values like justice, liberty, equality and fraternity without prejudice to any sections of Indian society.

The prime ministerial candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi has succeeded in presenting himself as the icon of development and cleverly hidden his divisive and majoritarian politics inspired by Hindutva ideology. And BJP has turned a parliamentary election in to a presidential one which is going to harm the country in the long run. Muslims and other deprived sections of the population also have great lessons in the victory of Narendra Modi which is nothing but victory of the corporate business houses and a result of well-orchestrated propaganda. The policy of negative politics of Minorities have failed miserably and the myth of the blind faith the minorities had in the congress to become its protectors has burst. It is a wake up call to look forward to a new alternative.

The election results have also shown that Congress and secular parties have been unable to stop the BJP because of their refusal to forge political unity in a spirit of give and take. They also could not understand the mechanics of the rightist propaganda and resorted to old and obsolete political game plans. The corrupt warhorses of Congress and regional political parties have lost their credibility and popular trust while stinking in corruption and building up family based politics. The defeat of such parties has been a foregone conclusion, the statement continued.

However Indian people are known for zealously safeguarding their constitutional rights and we are sure that they will rise up again whenever there is a real threat to the Constitution of the country. Muslims, Dalits and other deprived sections of the population also have great lessons in the election results. They have failed to consolidate their votes and use it effectively to stop the rightist forces on the tracks.

Despite the massive propaganda onslaught and corporate money poured into the Modi campaign, it should be noted that more than 60% of voters chose against BJP and its allies. We call upon organizations, political parties and civil society institutions to be ever more vigilant and to come together in the cause of protecting the nation’s pluralist character and ethos.

As Dr B R Ambedkar has rightly said the workings of the organs of the state depend upon the people and the political parties they will set up. It is the duty of the people to be vigilant about the functions of the parliament and the government. K. M. Shareef hoped that the Indian people would safeguard the unity and integrity of the nation and would not allow weakening the basic secular character of the nation.

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