Egyptian verdict undermines the meaning of Justice: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman has condemned the Egyptian court verdict which sentenced former President Dr Mushammed Morsi and 19 others for 20 years in Prison. He said that the latest verdict and similar verdicts of mass death sentence are undermining the meaning of judicial process in the military ruled Egypt.
It is hard to believe that the thousands of democratic protesters who are in jails for protesting against the coup would ever get justice under current regime which ousted the country’s first democratically elected president and carried out one of the most treacherous coup in modern history killing young men and women in cold blood in the streets of Egypt.
It is noteworthy that even AMNESTY International has criticised the trial describing it as “sham”. The country has fallen into a state far worse than that of Hosney Mubarak era; literally a mess of gross human rights violations and lack of religious and political freedom.
KM Shareef expressed hope that people of Egypt would continue their struggle against the tyranny of western backed army regime regain their freedom and the ideals of the January 25 Revolution. He urged international community to support their cause.

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