Killers and rapists emboldened by impunity under BJP rule: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker in a statement has strongly condemned the brutal gang rape and killing of 8-year-old Asifa from Kathua district in Jammu and rape of a girl in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh by BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar along with others.
The way some officers in J&K police along with communal political mafia from the area gang raped and killed Asifa must open our eyes to the crimes being committed jointly by the security agencies and fascist forces. The incident cannot be seen separately from the rape of women, killings and forced disappearances of thousands of youths that have been going on with impunity in Kashmir valley since decades. The fact that the Asifa was held captive in a Hindu temple for days before she was finally murdered and the support these killers received by local Hindu community show the mean level of their moral depravity and hatred for the other. Therefore, it is disingenuous to treat this as an isolated case of gang rape; rather it is to be seen as part of political agenda of revenging Kashmir Muslims. There are also accusations that BJP minister Lal Singh’s unholy attempts to encroach land driving out the Muslims being the motive behind the crime. The callousness on the part of the local people, including the BJP leaders and even lawyers at Jammu Bar who tried to shield the culprits points the higher level conspiracy. E Abubacker demanded an impartial enquiry under judicial supervision to unearth all facts including the role of local BJP minister Lal Singh.
E Abubacker expressed deep resentment over the increase of politically backed atrocities against weaker section in U. P. under Yogi Adityanath. He pointed out that the impunity being enjoyed by the Hindutwa gangs led by local BJP leaders all over the state has emboldened criminals like BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar to commit despicable acts like gang rape. The subsequent custodial death of the victim girl’s father again shows that the state administration and police are under control of criminal BJP gangs. E Abubacker called upon all secular forces and peoples’ movements in U. P. to work out a joint strategy to save the state from the clutches of communal fascist mafia rule.

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