Popular Front condemns the threats to Mahmoud Pracha

Press Release
Calicut: Popular Front of India National Executive Council condemned the attempts to intimidate senior Supreme Court advocate Mahmoud Pracha and demanded to provide protection to his life. NEC blamed authorities for turning a blind eye to these growing attempts on the life of lawyers. This will question the meaning of our judicial process. It cannot be viewed as an isolated case of an anonymous threat; many brave lawyers have been assassinated or brutally attacked just for carrying out their duty.

The assassinations of Adv Shahid Azmi and Adv Kazimji, who questioned fabricated police stories defended innocents, are examples of this new tendency to intimidate lawyers from carrying their constitutional duty. Adv Pracha has been fighting cases of innocents who were falsely implicated and put in prison without bail. Many of them were acquitted as a result.

This has questioned the credibility of ongoing terror hunts in our country. Naturally those who fabricate these cases and hunt innocent youths in the name of national security are provoked.

If they are allowed to get away with their methods, it destroy the professional confidence of lawyers will further endanger the only hope of thousands of innocents to come out of jail. NEC demanded an impartial investigation into all such incidents to expose those who work for the vested interests at the cost of the lives of innocents.

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