Popular Front hails the quashing of Section 66A of IT Act

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in a statement hailed the landmark Supreme Court ruling which quashed Act Section 66A of IT Act. He appreciated the activists of “Save Your Voice” and others who stood stern and made this victory possible.
Like other draconian laws AFSPA and UAPA, Section 66A is loosely worded therefore gave way for subjective interpretation. According to the act literally any opinion made by a citizen online can get him/her in trouble if someone finds it somehow offensive. As feared, the law was misused to suppress political dissents in various parts of the country. People were arrested just for posting their individual opinions on social media. The law thus proved to be diametrically against the interests of democracy. The ruling should be an eye-opener to the politicians and who, under the pretext of censorship, want to extend their control to social media which have, in recent times, risen to the status of a better alternative for those whose voices are not heard in the mainstream media.
Shareef expressed his hope that the Supreme Court ruling would encourage the ongoing struggles by various human rights groups including Popular Front of India demanding the withdrawal of draconian laws like UAPA and AFSPA.

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